BUILDMYVIEWS can offer our clients the chance for them to buy targeted YouTube views from any country they choose. This is another key as to why we stand out from the rest. Having targeted YouTube views is important to have. Many of our clients are artists looking to be noticed, we always advise them to purchase targeted YouTube views for when they do a local event. This can also be very helpful for businesses looking to target a specific market. Our targeted views are high retention which is very important, high retention views means the viewer will watch your video for 80 % of the way or more.


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The importance of having targeted YouTube views will always be stressed to our clients. Look at is this way, if your potential clients see that people in your own country are not watching your video it can leave them with a doubt about your services. BUILDMYVIEWS can and will show you just how to get targeted YouTube views by sharing with you effective marketing tools. We have seen many artists come through our website who are looking to buy U.S.A. YouTube views so they are present across the whole of America apposed to just one area, our studies showed that more people are buying American YouTube views than worldwide !! Don’t waste any more time, gain targeted YouTube views today !


BUILDMYVIEWS explains to our clients the importance of you going to get targeted YouTube views, you should always aim for a global presence but at the same time have people look at your products and services within your area. If you are an artist and your holding a local concert you will be sure to want targeted YouTube views so they are aware of where your event is and personally come to see it. We place your video in front of the people that may be interested in what you have to offer. For artists America is the biggest playing field with all the top promoters always scouting for new talent which again is why we suggest you increase targeted YouTube views for your page from the U.S.A.


Start growing your targeted presence today and take the game to a whole new level. If you are not looking for American YouTube views then speak to one of our customer service advisors either on our online chat or through emailing and provide your transaction i.d number along with the country you would like the views from.