BUILDMYVIEWS allows people and businesses to buy YouTube comments at a very low price. We take it to the next level and allow clients to make their own custom made YouTube comments, this has the power to really take your business and or profile to a different playing field, you know your market better than most so having positive comments that are related to your video is going to give you more justice.


YES ! This can help you attract more views because the majority of the time people will scan the comments first to make sure you have good reviews. After all if you see a comment that says ” bad video ” are you going to watch it ? The answer is no where as if you had a comment saying ” wow I love this video, I recommended people watch this ” then your more drawn into it. This will get you talked about and for sure generate you more views. BUILDMYVIEWS will also show you some other ways of how to get positive comments on YouTube with a few simple tasks to do.


You have a video, you have some views, you have a few likes and subscribers, now you should be doing your very best to get comments on your video which you can do with a few simple steps when you purchase YouTube views with BUILDMYVIEWS. Having comments on your video shows the people from the outside in that you really have something great to offer. There are thousands of YouTube videos being uploaded on a daily basis so for someone to take the time to leave a nice comment about your video speaks volumes.


The equation is very simple, the more YouTube comments you have the more respect you get from others. If you are a business you have a very good chance of it leading to more sales coming in. If you have a product that you are showing people on your video, you show how it works, you have some likes from people and then a client deciding whether to use you or a competitor sees a comment under your video ” I have personally bought the product and I will be back for more! love it! ” then the chances are that, that potential client could become a client of yours.


The waiting is over, we have given you the facts, we have explained the use, you have checked that we are a credible company, the next step would be to purchase YouTube comments. Thank you for taking the time to check us out, we look forward to serving you.


Due to Google constantly updating the comment system for YouTube, it is vital to understand the new rules. Although all of our comments are real, there is no way to guarantee that the comments will “stick” to your videos. We pride ourselves on our custom comments and that we do not use “bot” generated comments. For all of our current and future clients, we will offer a 1 time only replacement for any comments that fall off of your video. Buying comments will be at your own risk!