First of all you need to know exactly what the benefit to having YouTube views is and then you need to know where to be looking for targeted YouTube views if you are wanting to gain a bigger presence in your county.

So first off, where and why should I buy YouTube views ?you should always be looking to increase YouTube views for your account to show that people are interested in what you have to say, you may be an up and coming artist looking to be spotted by a top producer and hitting your goal of making it big time, you will only do this by having a large amount of views, You may have a concert and or event in your area in this case it is always good to have targeted YouTube views to look more respectable and draw more people to your event.

The more views you have the more you will be talked about not only on YouTube but other social media networks, We all know how Justin was a young boy who went viral now being one of the richest youngsters around. This is a great example of how he become who he is love him or hate him, he had a large amount of views, went viral, and was spotted, you need to be aiming at doing the same and you can do this when you buy targeted YouTube views as well as worldwide YouTube views.

So the next question is where to buy Targeted YouTube views ?well there are so many social media companies out there now all offering these types of services but there are only a few that can deliver you quality targeted YouTube views that will not harm or ban your account, I am someone who has tried and tested many companies looking for the right one who deliver what they say they will. I use Build My Fans because they offer excellent quality with high retention and to this day I have had no issues. Make sure you are buying real targeted YouTube views and not mobile views that will really harm your account and only show as being watched for 2 to 4 seconds.

There are other ways other than going to social media sites to buy targeted YouTube views such as watching, writing positive comments and subscribing to their video, make sure you are not just spamming their video as this will get you in trouble and you will end up being spoke about in a negative way, you could leave a comment such as ” great video I really can relate to this, if you want to check out my work you can buy going to ….. ” this would be a great comment and does not look like your just asking them to visit you.